About us

I am, K! One-half of the couple S & K and one-third of the Esq. family including our daughter E (well one-fourth if you include our dog JJ). S and I have been together for five years and we solidified our commitment by getting married on March 10, 2012.

We first met each other in 2007 through mutual friends. Each of our friends got together and told us (seperately) that they knew someone who would be perfect for us. We were both skeptical but willing to see what was in store. A small L Word dinner party was the setting for our first encounter.

When I first laid eyes on S I thought she was absolutely gorgeous. We sat on the couch and chit chatted through the night about random things while our friends all spied on us from the living room balcony. I was so nervous that I forgot to ask her for her number as the night came to an end. Fortunately she was quick on the draw and asked her friend if she could as me for my contact information to give to her (which I did). We set up another meeting with our friends during another episode of L Word and since I was having some car issues was able to drive me and E home so we could talk some more.

S likes to ask a lot of questions so our first couple of conversations is what I lovingly call rapid fire. Little did I know that S had found me on a Yahoo personal months earlier and sent me a message. After no success on the site I stopped checking the messages and keeping track of what was going on. So most of the questions S was asking me were centered around the profile and the message she sent me that I didn't respond to. But since I didn't keep up with the site she let me off the hook.

Our first official date was unique because S have fractured her elbow days earlier in a capoeira session so she was medicated with her arm in a sling, but she was still captivating. I ended up spending the night at her house on the first date because I didn't want the night to end. We were ladies and nothing happened. Pretty much after that we spent every weekend together.

After alternating weekends at her house one weekend and my house the next weekend for a couple of years we decided to move in together and in 2009 we moved into our town home where we live to this day. We've most certainly had our set of challenges and rough patches but we work through them and know that underneath all of the crap, we love each other and want to see our relationship grow.

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